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The Child Insole with a heel cup encourages normal development of the child’s foot while reducing unhealthy movement of the heel. Correctly positioning the heels so there is a healthy arch development. The child can continue playing with their friends while wearing the insoles. 

MASS4D® Child Insoles help to treat a flatfoot problem in its earliest stages so as to protect the child’s feet from future problems as they grow. This way, these insoles also help prevent problems from happening. 

For children below 10 years (Click here for children above 10 years)

One insole that helps in many ways:
Heel control to guide foot movement,
Promotes good posture
Supports natural arch development and
No interference in natural foot growth

Easy to clean
Antibacterial top cover
Easy to wear
Interchangeable between shoes
Firm anti-slip bottom
Flexible mid-shell


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