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In most foot conditions the problem really is in your foot position. We correct your foot position during wear as well as support them during the entire day. Standard insoles only support but fail to correct. When we correct, we rehabilitate the foot problem that gave you your foot condition in the first place. 

Comments: Show side by side of a foot on our orthotic and a foot on a competitors orthotic with the arch clearly marked for each. On the competitor’s product, show a flat line on the arch to show no difference. For ours, show a nice curved line. 


Standard insoles are nothing more than generic foam or gel that soon looses its fragile structure and support during wear. The layered materials of MASS4D® ensures a long lasting product with a 1 year warranty.

Comments: Again show a side by side but this time, have many flat orthotics on one side and on the other, only one MASS4D® orthotic but with key layers (Comfort Fit, Arch Support and Heel Control) marked on the product. 

Proper Foot Contact

MASS4D® is a shell-based orthotic that is capable of maintaining foot contact without collapsing. This is in contrast to other insoles that lack the strength needed to withstand full bodyweight throughout movement.

Comments: Side by side comparison of flat feet over two orthotics (not on them) – one is our orthotic and the other competitor’s flat product. This time we will highlight the arches on both orthotics to show how the foot will make contact with the curved and flat design.

Superior Design

The arched design of MASS4D® Insoles regulates improper movement of the feet and lower body. Other insoles often feature flatter designs which means no real functional change takes place in the feet or body.

Comments: Close up shot of only a flatfoot on the arch of each orthotic. For MASS4D®, we can write “stable arch” and for the other “collapsed arch”. 

The Results Are Visible

Visual changes are observed in movement patterns and posture within weeks of wearing MASS4D® Insoles. With no real functional change taking place, standard insoles fail to produce any changes in posture or movement.

Comments: Current picture used is good but we need to add orthotics to the feet. And remove the current text. For the Competitor’s side, below the man we can write “No visible changes”, for the MASS4D® side, we can write “Visual Improvements” 

Easy to Use

MASS4D® can be easily worn with most types of footwear, saving you the hassle of having to purchase specific types of shoes. Your standard insoles may or may not have the capability to fit in most types of footwear.

Comments: Two side by side pictures of somebody putting our orthotic and competitor’s orthotic in shoes. Our side needs to show the orthotic easily sliding in while the other one should show some struggle in putting it in. For MASS4D®, we can write “Perfect Fit” and for the other one, “Not A Good Fit” 

Handmade to Perfection

Each MASS4D® Insole is handmade to ensure the highest level of attention is paid to details. This is contrast to a generic, “one-size-fits-all” orthotic which fails to support the corrected foot position.

Comments: A good clear product shot of one MASS4D® orthotic along side many orthotics stacked one on top of another. It can be simply marked as “MASS4D®” and “Others” 

Vast Benefits

The therapeutic effect of MASS4D® Insoles extends beyonds the feet to include the lower body as well; unlike other insoles that are focused only on treating the feet.

Comments: We can cut the top half of the current picture used (to only show the lower body and feet) and place both feet in the close ups under orthotics. For our side, we’ll write “The MASS4D® Effect” and for the other, “No Real Change”