Sports - Tennis

Tennis is a physically demanding sport that requires you to be on your toes throughout each set. While adjusting to your opponent’s play, you often have to take sharp movements that involve sudden shifts of weight. With so much exertion on the body, it is common for players to injure their foot, ankle or knee. This is why training programmes need to focus on enhancing movement while minimising injury.


MASS4D® Insoles can be used both as a preventative and rehabilitative device for tennis injuries of the lower body. If you’re currently recovering from one, MASS4D® can help you move better with less pain in the affected area. This is achieved through a reduction of stressful movements of the body which minimises pressure on the site of injury. It will also help prevent the onset of other problems by improving your overall movements and reducing stress on the injured site. This should help you recover and prevent recurrences.