Sports - Golf

If you’re looking to master the highly coordinated moves required for a perfect swing, you should begin with improving your foot posture. Golf requires a high level of skill and coordination; foot posture problems can affect your form and make it difficult for you to achieve the perfect swing. The lack of structural support at the foundational level means that you’ll be exposed to repetitive stress on the lower body especially the lower back. There’s also a greater risk of developing overuse injuries due to the uneven distribution of weight across the bottom of your foot. 


MASS4D® helps in the correction of foot posture problems which can lead to a balanced distribution of weight in the feet, and as a result, reduced muscle fatigue during the game. Moreover, these insoles will also promote healthy range of motion in the lower body. This will help you improve your swing speed while lessening stress on the lower back and legs. The support provided by MASS4D® Insoles helps you have a good stance, optimal posture and firm grip.