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A Pair Of MASS4D® Insoles Helps Your Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis means that a ligament in your foot called the plantar fascia has been inflamed. With this type of condition, you’ll experience foot pain especially while taking the first few steps out of bed in the morning. It is also common for the feet to hurt when walking after having rested for a while.

This condition is often linked to flat arches. When you have flat feet, the plantar fascia is forced to stretch beyond its normal capacity. If left unchecked, this might make the ligament inflamed over time. Athletes with flat feet can gradually become vulnerable to plantar fasciitis.

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Highly Effective

MASS4D® orthotics are able to effectively support the plantar fascia ligament. This means, the ligament is able to function the way it’s supposed to, without being stretched beyond its limit. In this way, MASS4D® helps in the treatment of plantar fasciitis while keeping you on your feet during recovery.

The Arch

MASS4D® Ready To Wear Insoles feature well-defined arches necessary for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Your insoles will not easily collapse and provide the type of support required by the plantar fascia all through the day. This will help in preventing inflammation of the ligament.

The Heel Cup

 The MASS4D® Original features a formed heel cup for better support and stability. This means your foot is held in its most optimal position to boost the function of the plantar fascia. Your insoles help reduce stress on the ligament by improving foot posture problems.

The Fit

The slim, clean-cut MASS4D® Dress profile can be worn in most types of footwear. These insoles will comfortably fit in your favourite pair of shoes to maintain contact with your plantar fascia. This promotes healing of the ligament while encouraging proper movement of the feet.