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A Pair Of MASS4D® Insoles Helps Your Flat Feet

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Having flat feet means that your feet appear completely flat with no space between your foot and the ground. So your feet end up flattening on to the ground while you walk or stand, making you vulnerable to a number of common foot conditions that can cause pain in the feet.

Flat feet also have an effect on the rest of your body. When your feet don’t move the way they’re supposed to, your lower body is forced to adapt to this improper movement. This places excess stress on certain parts of your body like your ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

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High Durability

Unlike other off-the-shelf insoles, MASS4D® orthotics offer the perfect bend of flexibility and strength. This means, you can move around comfortably in your orthotics without worrying about the insole collapsing. As a result, flat arches are provided with structural support all through the day.

The Arch

MASS4D® Ready To Wear Insoles feature prominent arch support for flat feet. This helps stabilise flattened arches while promoting healthy foot movement. With your feet moving properly, you can expect to be protected from a number of conditions often linked to flat feet.

The Heel Cup

The MASS4D® Original features a formed heel cup for better support and stability. This helps in optimally supporting flat feet throughout all types of movement. Your insoles will enhance the strength of your arches to prevent them from flattening. This is necessary for treatment of foot conditions.  

The Fit

The slim, clean-cut MASS4D® Dress profile can be worn in most types of footwear. Once slipped into your favourite pair of shoes, your insoles will support fallen arches to guide the movement of the feet and the body. This reduces excess stress on the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back.