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A Pair Of MASS4D® Insoles


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Your arch refers to the gap in the middle part of your feet. When this gap is missing, it means you have flat feet and require arch support. Without this type of support, your feet will not move the way they’re supposed to. As a result of this improper movement, you may start experiencing pain in your feet and lower body.

Your feet support your whole body. This is why arch support is necessary not only in the treatment of foot conditions, but also to prevent common health complaints such as pain in the hips or lower back. Once your arches are in good condition, you will notice an improvement in your overall posture.

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Better Support

There are many factors that separate MASS4D® from all the other ready to wear insoles available in the market today. Each individual component of the orthotic is produced with the highest level of care and attention. This ensures your orthotic is able to provide your arches with the functional support required.

The Arch

MASS4D® Ready To Wear Insoles are produced with the right blend of flexibility for foot movement, and strength for structural support. As a result, these insoles prevent the arch from collapsing while being comfortable to wear all through the day. Your arches will absorb shock forces without flattening.

The Heel Cup

The MASS4D® Original features a formed heel cup for better support and stability. This can be especially beneficial for flat arches because the foot is held in a healthy position. In this way, flat arches are fully supported through all types of movement.

The Fit

The slim, clean-cut MASS4D® Dress profile can be easily slipped into your favourite pair of shoes. Whether it’s your casual sneakers or office brogues, these insoles can be worn in most types of footwear for better arch support. With your arches stabilised, you can expect healthy foot movement patterns.