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Hamstring Strengthening - Lying With Exercise Band - Beginner

by MASS4D® Media

This resistance band exercise specifically targets the hamstring muscle group which is responsible for hip extension and knee flexion or bending. Strengthening of the hamstring group improves function of the low back, hips and legs.

Hamstring Strengthening - Balance Ball - Advanced

by MASS4D® Media

This stability ball exercise targets the hamstring muscle group while also engaging the core and full posterior chain. This is a low impact, highly effective exercise for strengthening the hip flexor and extensor groups, and also for deep stabilising the abdominal muscles. Watch this video for differing variations to increase the challenge.

Hamstring Stretch - Standing - Advanced

by MASS4D® Media

The hamstring muscles are located on the back of the thighs and are responsible for hip extension and knee flexion. Tight hamstrings are prevalent in people who sit for long hours and cause limited movement of the low back and legs.