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MASS4D® Calibration Process

by MASS4D® Prescription Orthotics June 15, 2016

MASS4D® Calibration Process

MASS4D® blends strength and flexibility into every orthotic to create the ideal support for each person. Our specialised calibration process correlates the person’s body weight, forefoot flexibility and known usage into every foot orthotic. 

The resultant orthotic creates mild calcaneal inversion with a maximally supported supinated arch and needed functional pronation.

Foot orthotics lacking this level of calibration will often be either too rigid or too flexible.

An overly rigid foot orthotic will be uncomfortable for the patient leading to reduced compliance and will limit the proper medical arch range of motion needed to occur during gait.

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Increased flexibility of the orthotic provides substandard support and allows overpronation to continue untreated.

MASS4D® looks at the person as a whole rather than just feet. 

The relationship of foot posture to full body structure is well documented, therefore each person’s weight and activities must be calibrated into every pair of orthotics to ensure optimal success. 

Corrective foot posture helps reduce the risks of foot problems or body posture problems by providing maximum supination at heel strike, limiting pronation to a functional minimum at midstance, ensuring majority of forefoot load is on the first metatarsalphalange joint at heel lift and by enhancing the first metatarsalphalange joint range of motion so it is not limited in dorsiflexion.

Custom foot orthotics prove to be a valuable tool in dealing with age-related changes, trauma, repetitive stress and disease, all conditions that hinder full progress in achieving foot posture correction and reducing foot pain.

Hence, in order to achieve optimal foot biomechanics, it becomes essential to correctly position the bones in the feet, ankles and knees so as to provide an integrated solution to an integrated problem.

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Offer your Patients a Custom Calibrated Insole with a 98% Patient Satisfaction Rate     know more

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