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A Review of Integrated Multi-Axial Posture Theory™

by MASS4D® Prescription Orthotics July 20, 2016

A Review of Integrated Multi-Axial Posture Theory™

The Integrated Multi-Axial Posture Theory of foot biomechanics considers the foot as an integral component of a unified kinetic chain which impacts all areas of functionality.

This approach makes it essential to understand the function of all the articulations in the foot and ankle rather than focusing on a single region of pathology.

This also stems from the fact that in addition to supporting the weight of the body, the bones in the foot and ankle are responsible for dynamic movements such as walking, especially for propulsion and balance.
This dynamic link helps in understanding the constant postural adjustments and readjustments taking place on different terrains and at different speeds.

MASS4D® orthotics are produced with the purpose of achieving optimal foot biomechanics which ensures that the articulations work well within their functional ranges of motion and through all phases of gait.

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The ankle allows for movement of the foot in multiple planes, providing for transient changes occurring in the lower limbs during motion.

The multi-axial function of the foot is central to this kind of adaptability, permitting motion in multiple planes as opposed to plantar and dorsiflexion in the sagittal plane only.

This also provides for the constant postural adjustments and readjustments that the body undertakes while walking on all kinds of terrain.

Importance is also given, in this regard, to boosting the proprioception function of the body, consequently improving postural stability in the long run and boosting optimal articulation alignment.

The custom made MASS4D® orthotics aim to establish an integrated multi-axialfoot posture which results in optimum neuromuscular efficiency, reducing the stress placed on the entire kinetic chain thereby enabling tasks to be performed with the least amount of energy.

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