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Foot Care Practices of Diabetic Patients in Saudi Arabia

by MASS4D® Prescription Orthotics November 22, 2017


The authors conducted a hospital-based study for Saudi Arabian patients with diabetic foot disease to explore the knowledge and foot care practice among diabetic patients.

This study was conducted with 350 subjects (225 males and 125 females) recruited from different hospitals in the capital city of Saudi Arabia.

Data were analysed using means, standard deviations, and cumulative frequency percentages.

Sixty percent of patients were taking oral medication, 27.1% were using insulin therapy, 10% of them were using both oral and insulin therapies, and 10% of the total sample was on a diet.

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Sixty-four percent of patients had a high risk based on previous ulceration, amputation, or the presence of more than one risk factor (such as the loss of sensation or signs of peripheral vascular disease with callus /deformity).

Although the majority of participants received a high school or university level education, 19.4% of patients were illiterates.

The results of the study exposed that less educated patients are the least knowledgeable about foot care and an awareness programme is required to increase diabetic foot care knowledge in Saudi Arabian populations.

Illiterate participants, however, received more attention in an effort to increase understanding regarding this disease and future complications.

Half of the subjects chosen for the study were aware and knowledgeable about diabetes disease foot care.

The results indicated that 42.6% take regular care of their feet, 28.9% find proper fitting footwear, and 28.3% monitor their feet for minor injuries.

The findings also showed that the majority of patients reported obtaining knowledge of proper foot care from magazines or the internet, indicating that awareness programmes are important and need to be implemented on hospital premises.

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  1. Al Odhayani, A. A., Al Sayed Tayel, S., Al-Madi, F. (2017) Foot Care Practices of Diabetic Patients in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences: 2017, Vol. 24, pp. 1667-1671 

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