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Fit Feet for CrossFit

by MASS4D® Prescription Orthotics August 24, 2016

Fit Feet For CrossFit

CrossFit represents an integration of varied exercises such as weightlifting, running, swimming and plyometrics, which are performed at high intensity and incorporated into daily workout routines.

As a fitness plan designed to increase strength, flexibility and endurance, the functional demands of CrossFit on the body, are designed to prepare the individual for all kinds of fitness tasks.

In the absence of a standardised screening process, it is hard to establish a prospective CrossFitter’s capabilities to perform technically complex movements, leaving the athlete at risk of performing exercises beyond their current capabilities.

This is the reason why it is critical for the overall CrossFit program to include only those exercises that are appropriate to each individual’s physical ability.

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It also becomes important to evaluate the condition of the feet, particularly the medial arch, and to address any discrepancies before the individual commences any intense physical training.

The presence of a hyperpronated foot aggravates the risk of injuries by increasing dysfunctionalities of the kinetic chain of the body, resulting in significant balance and postural anomalies.

Ideally, the athlete should have three different types of neutral shoes: one pair for lifting, one pair for jumping and one pair for cardiovascular fitness.

MASS4D® orthotics address any functional or structural needs of the individual, in addition to accommodating the shoes for use in all aspects of CrossFit training.

By improving foot posture and joint alignment, the full-contact prefabricated orthotic strengthens intrinsic muscle function and allows the athlete to move through the functional range-of-motion demands of the CrossFit program.

This helps the individual achieve the most out of their workout routine without compromising on the overall health of their feet and body.

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Offer your Patients a Custom Calibrated Insole with a 98% Patient Satisfaction Rate     know more

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