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Effects of wearing functional foot orthotic on pelvic angle among college students in their 20s with flatfoot

by MASS4D® Prescription Orthotics July 01, 2018


This study examined the impact of wearing functional foot orthotics (FFOs) on the pelvic angle among young adults who have flat feet, using a VICON Motion System device.

The subjects of the study consisted of 15 college students enrolled at University K, located in Cheonan City in Korea, from the 1st to 20th of September, 2015.

The students included in the study had no musculoskeletal diseases and were diagnosed with flat feet. Radiographic measurements indicated that the participants had a calcaneal pitch angle less than 15 degrees.

The FFOs worn by the subjects were created with thermoplastic materials and were customised for each individual’s foot shape.

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When designing the foot orthotic for a subject, the researcher positioned the heel bone vertical to the ground while allowing the subtalar joint maintain its natural position.

High-quality 3D cameras together with the VICON Motion System were used to measure changes in the pelvic angle of the participants as they walked on a previously fabricated walkway.

This analysis was conducted both before and after wearing the customised FFOs.

The results of the study revealed a decrease in the pelvic angle after wearing the FFO. This was recorded on both the left and right sides during the pre-stance, mid-stance, pre-swing and mid-swing periods of the gait cycle.

Even though the angle decreased, it was not as significant as compared to before wearing the orthotic.

This implies that wearing a customised FFO ameliorates tension in the sole musculature and fascia. It prevents the decrease of the plantar arch during the mid-stance and mid-swing periods in flatfoot walking, resulting in a decrease in the pelvic angle.

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