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Why Foot Pressure Testing Does Not Produce Quality Customised Insoles

by MASS4D® Insoles

Foot Pressure Testing

Foot pressure sensor or mat is widely used in measuring the distribution of pressure through the feet. It is basically a two-dimensional (2D) tool on which a person stands or walks for measuring foot pressure distribution.

For diagnosis, foot pressure examination can be beneficial and are used in sports medicine and rehabilitation, pre- and post-treatment evaluation, diabetic foot care and examining walking stride. However, when it comes to manufacturing customised insoles, foot pressure mats are not considered to be reliable tools.

Pressure Testing Vs Gait Referenced Casting

Pressure mats measure pressure distribution through the feet, which can be helpful for examining foot balance and walking stability. However, this information is not enough to allow a clinician to understand the foot function of an individual.

As a result, foot pressure testing is not effective in making insoles that offer optimal foot posture support and help prevent future problems. Gait referenced casting, on the other hand, allows the clinician to capture the structure, position, and optimal posture of the foot. This helps in producing insoles that are customised according to foot posture, and not just foot pressure.

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How MASS4D® Casting Works

In traditional casting methods, the patient is asked to stand in a foam box in order to get a foot impression. If you suffer from flat foot, bunion, or some other foot condition, this type of casting is simply going to take an impression of the foot problem itself.

Although this may be helpful for diagnostic purposes, it cannot be used to make foot insoles that support your foot in its healthy posture.

MASS4D® insoles are made after examining the full arch capacity of the feet, range of motion, activity level, flexibility, and bodyweight. This leads to fully customised insoles that provide the supportive force to help in pain management, rehabilitation and preventing future foot problems.

MASS4D® full-contact insoles hold the feet in their best posture at all times, helping promote proper alignment of the bones and muscles in the body.

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