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Why Examining Foot Posture Is Important In Sports

by MASS4D® Insoles

Examining Foot Posture

A healthy foot posture and function are essential for enhancing athletic performance and potential. This is because during sports, stress levels on the feet, knees and lower body are intensely high.

A weak foot posture can further add to this stress, increasing the risk of developing conditions such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis and knee injuries.

Impact of Foot Posture

Runners with foot posture problems tend to lose shock absorption ability in their feet that is present/found in a healthy foot posture. Football players use footwear, which if combined with a weak foot posture, can increase the risk of twist and fall injuries.

With a healthy foot posture, there is optimal range of motion in the feet along with proper distribution of weight. This allows the athlete’s feet to absorb shock forces efficiently while running, landing from jumps, or shifting weight from foot to foot. In other words, a healthy foot posture can help athletes perform with greater agility and speed while reducing the risk of injury.

A weak foot posture, in contrast, places more pressure on the forefoot causing an uneven distribution of weight in the feet. This can cause abnormal foot movements and limit range of motion in the big toe which increases the risk of turf toe injuries.

A weak foot posture can also affect the postural alignment of the body. With flat feet, the shin and thigh bones twist inwards as the foot arch flattens onto the ground. This places stress on the knees, hips and lower back. For athletes, this could mean increased fatigue and energy loss, as well as increased risk of developing knee, hip or lower back problems.

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Examining Foot Posture

Flat feet or high-arched feet can impact an athlete’s ability to reach peak performance. Foot posture examination in sports can help athletes understand how their foot posture affects pressure distribution to the feet, walking stride, stress levels on the lower body and overall movement.

This can also help identify any underlying causes of postural misalignment and lower body conditions. Based on this information, sports science professionals and physiotherapists can recommend training and active rehab programmes that are personalised for the athlete.

Foot insoles such as MASS4D® can be included in such programmes to address foot posture problems and any associated foot or lower body conditions. MASS4D® supports improve foot function and limits any additional stress on the lower body that may increase the risk of injury.

MASS4D® insoles aim to support the feet in their healthiest posture to restore normal range of motion. This helps promote postural alignment from the feet up to the knees, hips and lower back, which, as a result, facilitates healthy movement of the lower body.

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