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Where You Can Find Insoles

by MASS4D® Insoles

While shopping for insoles, it is important to go prepared since you are bound to find many different kinds of insoles in the market.

It helps to remember that there are mainly two types of insoles that you need to look out for – custom and off-the-shelf.

Depending on what type of insole you are interested in purchasing, there are certain guidelines that will help you know where to find your insoles.

Types of insoles 

Many Types Of Insoles
There are all kinds of insoles available today.

Different foot conditions require different support for treatment. This is why it is common for doctors to recommend either custom or off-the-shelf insoles for a condition.

Before deciding on which type of insole you need, it is necessary to visit a foot specialist who will have the tools and equipment needed for evaluating your feet.

Once the results of the evaluation are in, you’ll be able to determine which insoles will best help treat your condition.

There are many varieties of ready-to-wear insoles – gel-based, air, leather, memory foam, graphite, etc. You’ll easily find these in most pharmacies, healthcare centres and footwear shops in your neighbourhood.

You may even be able to purchase these insoles on the internet, with many different websites offering an online catalogue of insoles for this purpose.

Custom insoles are a little harder to obtain as a certain level of expertise is required in the designing and manufacturing of these insoles.

These insoles can differ in terms of design, materials used, length, etc. For example, it is possible to find 3/4 length arch supports that are meant for dress shoes. Similarly, custom insoles with extra soft cushioning are available for diabetic feet.

Shoes With Insoles

You can buy custom made insoles only from a health care professional who is skilled in evaluating for insoles. This is because he/she needs to analyse many factors such as your bodyweight, foot measurements, activity levels, etc. before creating these insoles for your feet.

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They’ll also be able to examine your walking patterns and accordingly, make an insole that is best suited for your condition.

Things to remember 

It is always better to opt for a well-known brand of insoles that has managed to build a reputation in the market.

This is important because you can easily look at reviews posted online by other customers and learn from their experiences with the brand.

Your insoles should carry a warranty especially if you’re purchasing ready-to-wear insoles; off-the-shelf insoles don’t last too long and need to replaced usually within six months.

Even in the case of custom made insoles, a warranty will help you obtain repairs and maintenance for your insoles should any problems arise.

Making Insoles With Tools

You can increase the life of your insoles by taking good care of them. Most insoles carry a manual with instructions on how to wash or use the insoles responsibly.

When buying custom insoles, you can carry your favourite pair of shoes while visiting the doctor for fitting. This will ensure that you won’t have to purchase new footwear for your insoles.

Customer service for insoles should not be limited only to the time the insoles are purchased. After-sales service is equally important for addressing any concerns or questions you might have following the purchase.

Finding the right pair at the right time 

Insoles will give you better results if you use them early on before your condition becomes worse. This is because most common foot conditions can easily be managed with insoles if identified in the early stages.

So whether it’s foot pain or plantar fasciitis, give your feet the support they deserve with top quality insoles that are produced by experts in the field of foot health.

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