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What to Look for In Sports Insoles

by MASS4D® Insoles

Sports Insoles

Foot health has largely been an ignored aspect of health and fitness in sports, but that is changing fast. More and more people are realising the importance of sport insoles and what they have to offer. A good sports insole can contribute to your athletic ability and performance while limiting the risk of foot and leg injuries.

But the challenge is finding good sports insoles that can actually provide the benefits they promise. In fact, some of the sports insoles available in the market today are no different from standard foot insoles. Here is a quick sports insole buying guide to help you make the best choice. 

1. Foot Arch Support

A good sports insole should offer foot posture support and the arch should not collapse easily under bodyweight.The insole should maintain contact with the bottom surface of your foot in all foot movements. This helps ensure that your foot posture is maintained at all times, when you are sprinting, doing sharp turns, or preparing to jump.

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2. Shock Absorbing Properties

If a sports insole is not able to provide impact protection, then it is not worth investing in it. The insoles should help promote healthy distribution of weight and provide adequate cushioning that reduces the shock on the feet. This helps reduce the risk of injuries including (but not limited to) ankle sprains, shin splints, IT band syndrome, and hip pain as well as ACL and MCL injuries.

3. Regulating Unwanted Movement 

The insoles should be able to support your foot in its corrected posture. This is especially important if you have a foot posture problem, such as flat feet, to limit any unwanted movements in the foot which may lead to injuries in the lower body as well. 

The MASS4D® Difference

Foot insoles such as MASS4D® offer unparalleled support to your feet along with superior shock absorption and impact protection.

MASS4D® foot insoles are fast becoming the preferred choice for sports individuals who take their foot health seriously.

Unlike traditional sports insoles, MASS4D® resists collapses under bodyweight, ensuring that your foot posture is maintained at all times.

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