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What Is Metatarsalgia?

by MASS4D® Insoles


The metatarsal bones of the foot are the five long bones that run from the mid-foot, down to the toes. When the joints between these long bones and toes become swollen and painful, it is called metatarsalgia.

Understanding the symptoms and causes of metatarsalgia can help individuals in taking better care of their feet. 

The big toe joint is built to support approximately 60% of one’s bodyweight, with the other 40% falling to the four smaller joints.

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When poor foot posture causes excess weight to fall on the smaller joints, it creates swelling and pain of the joints and bursae in the area.

Other risk factors such as being overweight, foot deformities, having an abnormally high foot arch, or wearing tight-fitting shoes, also lead to uneven distribution of pressure through the foot.

In order to detect metatarsalgia, your healthcare provider will examine your foot and ask you questions about your lifestyle and the symptoms.

The most effective treatment for metatarsalgia is correcting foot posture to enable the proper distribution of weight to the feet.

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