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What Is A Flexible Flatfoot and How Do I Treat It?

by MASS4D® Insoles

Flexible Flatfoot

Do you notice the arch of your foot flattening under bodyweight, but returning back to normal when you are not standing?

This is the classic sign of a flexible flatfoot, with the term flexible indicating the level of mobility in the foot during movement.

In this condition, abnormal movement patterns of the heel bone (rear foot), as well as the ankle and foot are observed. The inside of the ankle joint rolls inwards, causing the joints in the middle of the foot to get unlocked/loose, and shift towards the inside of the foot.

The condition can be in one foot or both feet in adults. Hereditary factors are often considered as the leading cause of flexible flat feet.

Other common causes include shortening of the heel cord (Achilles tendon), joint deformity, poor bone formation, and/or arthosis. Hypermobility of joints is also associated with the condition.

Heel pain while walking, muscle spasms along the bottom surface of the foot, and ankle sprains are the common symptoms of flexible flat feet. The condition can also cause pain in the knee, hip, and lower back.

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Since the mobility of the feet is affected in flexible flat feet, the loss of energy is greater. This increases muscle fatigue and the risk of overuse injuries.

A comprehensive foot examination of the foot flexibility, activity level, and impact of weight is necessary for diagnosing the condition.

To study the degeneration of the bones and joints, X-ray examinations may be required. In such cases, X-rays of the feet under bodyweight are preferred in order to see the effects of bodyweight on the joints.

Treatment programmes typically involve stretching and strengthening exercise for the lower limbs, balance training, and weight loss consulting (for patients with obesity). The use of insoles can be prescribed to hold the feet in the corrected posture.

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