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What Is A Diabetic Foot?

by MASS4D® Insoles

Diabetic Foot

Diabetes can gradually damage nerves and blood vessels over time. This leads to a number of foot problems as people lose sensation in their feet. 

As a result, foot injuries such as cuts, blisters or sores may go unnoticed in diabetics. These injuries may eventually form into ulcers and infections, and in severe cases, may require amputation. The damaged blood vessels can reduce blood flow and oxygen delivery, which limits the healing process.

Damage to the nerves can weaken the muscles in the bottom surface of the foot, making it difficult for the person to walk.

This can create problems for an obese person trying to lose weight and who is at a higher risk of cardiac diseases. It is also likely that a combination of diabetes and obesity may eventually cause a flatfoot posture to develop.

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Foot problems such as flat feet can be likely causes of diabetic foot ulcers. Flat feet cause uneven distribution of pressure to the feet as the foot arch flattens onto the ground. This increases the risk of inflammation in the stress-prone areas of the foot.

Diabetic feet should be taken seriously and appropriate steps must be followed to prevent the condition from worsening. Managing blood glucose levels and observing a daily foot care regimen can help keep the feet healthy.

Comfortable footwear is recommended for diabetic feet to prevent ulcers and infections from getting worse. Proper cushioning is also essential for wound management and for preventing injuries from occurring.

After examining a person’s medical history, foot structure, weight distribution to the feet and any existing blisters or infections, the health care professional can prepare an appropriate preventative care strategy.

Customised foot insoles such as MASS4D® can be recommended to provide proper cushioning and promote normal distribution of weight throughout the feet. This reduces stress on the bottom surface of the foot which is crucial in preventing ulcers and infections from getting worse.

MASS4D® custom insoles are available in a BiLam cover that is ideal for diabetics as it offers double layer cushioning to protect the feet from ulcers. They provide heel and forefoot support to reduce pressure on the bottom surface of the feet.

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