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What Are Treatments for Flat Feet?

by MASS4D® Insoles

Flatfoot Posture

Flat feet (or flatfoot) is a postural problem of one foot or both feet, in which the arch of the foot (the middle curved area) flattens against the ground while walking or standing.

Ideally, the arch should be raised enough to protect the feet upon impact with the ground and create a spring-like effect during walking.

The symptoms and causes of flat feet need to be considered to develop a better understanding of the condition. 

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A flatfoot posture may or may not occur with symptoms, and is best identified either with a physical examination by a qualified health care professional.

There are various causes of flat feet, but most people inherit the condition, which may lead to problems later in life. Having flat feet changes the posture of the legs, hips and spine, causing problems in the rest of the body.

This condition is best treated with an active program of stretching and strengthening exercises specially designed for you.

If the arches cannot be restored through exercises, then foot insoles from MASS4D® should help support the foot in its ideal position. Our insoles produce a corrective functional change in the feet and the whole body by maintaining optimal arch in your foot. 

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