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Treatment for Hip Osteoarthritis

by MASS4D® Insoles

Hip Osteoarthritis

A sharp or dull pain in the hip joint which is accompanied with stiffness and swelling of the joint could indicate hip osteoarthritis.

Hip osteoarthritis occurs gradually over the years as the cushioning cartilage in the hip joint wears away slowly, causing the bones in the hip to rub against each other. This produces inflammation of the hip joint.

Potential causes of hip osteoarthritis include hereditary defects in the cartilage, previous injuries to the hip joint, obesity, and ageing.

Having a flatfoot posture will further stress your hip muscles. A flatfoot alters the leg posture, which then affects the functionality of the muscles, to the point where the range of motion gets restricted. This makes your hips more vulnerable/prone to joint degeneration.

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In order to diagnose your condition, a doctor would ask you questions about your medical history along with conducting a physical examination to look for tender spots at the hip and check the movement of the affected joint.

An X-ray would help in detecting changes to the structure of the hip joint, particularly the narrowing down of the space between the joint. MRIs are used to check the condition of the bones and tissues of the hip.

Treatment for hip osteoarthritis will depend on how far the condition has advanced, and your overall health.

Hip osteoarthritis, in its early stages, can be managed by making lifestyle changes. For example, losing weight is recommended for patients suffering from obesity.

Avoiding high-impact exercises is also advised. Light exercises, on the other hand, are preferred, as they promote flexibility and strength in the hip muscles. This restores the range of motion which makes it easy to walk comfortably again.

For complete recovery, foot insoles from MASS4D® will help improve the efficiency of your hip muscles by supporting the proper functioning of the feet.

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