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This Insole Cover Is Just What Diabetics Need

by MASS4D® Insoles

MASS4D® Insoles for Diabetics

As a diabetic, you need to make certain adjustments to your lifestyle for effective pain management. In that, the development of a diabetic foot is something you need to take seriously.

A diabetic foot is associated with loss of sensation in the feet because of the nerve damage from increased blood sugar levels. In other words, if you get a blister or cut, you won’t be able to feel it. Over time, these cuts and blisters can develop into ulceration and infections.

Effects Of A Diabetic Foot

The flow of oxygen and blood to the feet is restricted when you have diabetes. So any cuts, ulcers, and infections will now take longer to heal.

Without proper footwear or support, the cuts, ulcers, and infections can actually get worse. In addition, the nerve damage in diabetic foot can lead to muscle weakness and/or shrinking.

As the muscles in the bottom surface of your foot are weaker, an activity as simple as walking becomes difficult. So basically, a diabetes patient is prone to getting foot injuries, and may not feel them because they have no sensation in the feet.

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Use of Insoles

As a diabetes patient, you must understand the importance of cushioning in managing wounds and preventing new injuries from occurring. Your doctor may prescribe you the use of insoles so that your feet are thoroughly cushioned with even distribution of weight.

It is likely that diabetes coupled with obesity may lead to the development of a flatfoot posture. In such cases, insoles use should be part of the treatment programme.

However, most insoles available today fail to correct the foot posture, and do not provide adequate cushioning. A fully customised orthotic, such as MASS4D®, is built from the ground up based on your body weight, arch position, foot flexibility, and activity level.

Why Bi-Lam Cover

What makes MASS4D® custom insoles for diabetic foot ideal is the Bi-Lam top cover, made exclusively for diabetic patients and people with insensate foot symptoms. It is thick enough to provide adequate cushioning, and soft enough to be worn comfortably on a daily basis.

The Bi-Lam cover features a double layer cushion that protects against blisters and ulcerations. It offers adequate heel and forefoot support to reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot.

To help avoid putting pressure on your wounds and injuries, cut-outs can be made to the diabetic foot insoles. The outer sides of the cover are also soft, which prevent injuries that are otherwise common with other insoles.

Take the first step towards better foot care

MASS4D® custom foot insoles are unique to your foot and support it in the corrected posture. To find out more about diabetic foot management, visit your nearest certified MASS4D® provider.

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Foot Pain Relief, Injury Prevention, Better Posture and Sports Performance in One Insole     buy now

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