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How to Treat Ankle Sprains

by MASS4D® Insoles

A sprained ankle may appear red, swollen or even bruised depending on the severity of the injury. Understanding the symptoms and causes of ankle sprains can help individuals in taking better care of their feet. 

Ankle sprain is a common injury that occurs when the ankle twists or turns in an unusual manner, damaging the ligaments supporting the ankle bones.

Sprains often occur during sports such as basketball or football where sudden movements during the game can cause the foot or lower leg to twist. 

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However, one is just as likely to roll an ankle stepping off a curb which results in a similar injury.

People with poor foot posture, such as flat feet, are vulnerable to ankle sprains as the foot tends to move outside of known healthy movement patterns during walking.

Diagnosis is typically made by physical examination and symptoms. X-rays may be required to rule out fracture.

Initial treatment can best be summed up as PRICE (Protect, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation), followed by exercises to strengthen and stretch the ankle muscles and to restore their normal range of motion.

For poor foot posture, MASS4D® foot insoles can be ideal for supporting the feet in the corrected posture. This will allow the ligaments to heal properly and limit reoccurrence.

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