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How Foot Health Affects Weight Training

by MASS4D® Insoles

Importance of Foot Posture in Weight Training

Increased muscle mass, strength and endurance are some of the benefits of weight training. With strong and stable feet, your workout regimen can improve in many ways.

The feet serve as the foundation for the whole body, so naturally, if you have strong feet, you are able to balance better and absorb shock properly. A weak foundation, however, may increase the risk of injury and cause you to exert more effort into doing reps.

Impact of Weight Training on Feet

In weightlifting, athletes require a stable base for push off and landing to perform a variety of lower and upper body exercises, such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts. As the chain of movements in such exercises is from the feet up, any posture problems in the feet may affect the function of the lower and/or upper body.

For instance, in flat feet, the arch of the foot collapses onto the ground, which causes the shin and thigh bones to twist inwards. This places stress on the knees, hips, and the lower back. So a weightlifter with flat feet may experience more stress on the lower body, especially when doing exercises that target that area.

In addition, foot posture problems can reduce the impact-absorption ability of the feet, which may expose weightlifters to foot and ankle injuries. Healthy foot posture and optimal foot function, on the other hand, means you have a strong foundation to support your workout goals.

Lifting weights with poor foot mechanics can cause abnormal movements in the rest of the body. As a result, some weightlifters may unknowingly sacrifice form in order to complete a predetermined number of reps. The added stress on the lower body may cause joint problems and may increase the risk of injury.

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MASS4D® Insoles for Weightlifters

While the quality of footwear is important for weightlifting, footwear alone cannot ensure that the foot posture and foot function are optimal at all times. Just as you would use weightlifting belts to support the back, your feet must have adequate support to provide a stable foundation to train better.

MASS4D® insoles support the feet in the corrected posture to improve optimal distribution of weight and shock absorption. The insoles help promote alignment from the feet up to the knees, hips, back, and the upper body.

MASS4D® provides a strong base that helps promote form and posture for free weights, machine weights, and kettle bells alike. We also provide removable support for the insoles that give your feet more stability to perform heavy weightlifting. With MASS4D® insoles, you can take your weightlifting game to the next level!

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