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Study demonstrates the effectiveness of kinematic taping in the treatment of flexible flat feet

by MASS4D® Insoles

MASS4D® Medical Review

Flexible flatfoot refers to a condition in which the middle curve of the foot disappears under bodyweight, only to return back to normal while sitting.

It is quite possible to have this condition either in one foot or both feet.

One of the consequences of leaving flexible flat feet untreated is an increase in the stiffness of the muscles in the lower body, followed by fatigue and cramps in these muscles.

There are many forms of treatment that are often recommended for a flexible flatfoot condition such as weight loss therapy, modifying physical activities, using foot orthotics and changing footwear.

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The authors of this study aimed to analyse the immediate effect of kinematic taping on flexible flat feet, particularly on the level of stiffness in the lower body muscles.

A total of 30 people with the condition were recruited for this study – 15 were assigned to a group that was treated with kinematic taping while the other 15 received a sham taping treatment.

A device known as the Myoton® PRO was used to measure the tone and stiffness in important muscles of the lower body.

The kinematic taping method involved applying 5 cm wide elastic tapes to the muscles of both legs.

It was found that the foot pressure in the dominant leg of the kinematic taping group reduced, including stiffness in most of the measured muscles of the lower body.

Another important observation was that the sham technique of taping resulted in an increased stiffness and tone in the muscles of the lower body.

Based on this, the authors concluded that kinematic taping can be considered as an effective way of improving abnormally increased muscle tone and stiffness as well as foot pressure.

To read the full study, please click here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4868239/pdf/jpts-28-1339.pdf

MASS4D® Insoles can be used as a way to further support treatment programmes for flexible flat feet. This is because of the capability of these insoles to prevent flattening of the foot arch during movement.

The sturdy arches of MASS4D® Insoles are designed to enhance the muscles of the foot arch in order to promote proper foot movement. So, for people with a flexible flatfoot condition, MASS4D® helps in the maintenance of a proper arch that consequently improves the shock absorption abilities of the foot.

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