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Study: Arch building exercises can help in the treatment of plantar fasciitis

by MASS4D® Insoles

Medical Review

Plantar fasciitis is often caused by the absence of well-formed arches that increase stress on the plantar fascia ligament.

This study focused on differences in walking patterns between those who have plantar fasciitis, and those without the condition.

For this purpose, researchers at the Kyung Hee University School of Medicine in Seoul selected 30 people with plantar fasciitis – half of the group had pain in both feet, and the other half experienced pain only in one foot.

Additionally, 17 more people with no history of heel pain were chosen for the study.

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The researchers tested a short foot exercise on patients with the condition. This involved pulling the bones of the big toe gently towards the heel without flexing the toe to make the foot ‘shorter’.

Participants were asked to maintain this position for 10 minutes to increase the height of the foot arch while walking on a treadmill.

While comparing differences in walking on flat ground and after the short foot exercise, researchers discovered that a redistribution in foot pressure took place with the exercise applied.

The short foot exercise helped to normalise the walking patterns of the patients, making it similar to the stride of healthy individuals.

This finding highlights the importance of building healthy arches in people with plantar fasciitis by combining arch strengthening exercises and proper orthoses.

To read the full study, please click here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5773441/

MASS4D® Insoles can be used to enhance the strength of fallen arches, helping promote an even distribution of pressure across the bottom of the foot.

This plays a huge role in minimising foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis while allowing the inflamed ligament to heal and recover.

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