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Acute and Recurring Ankle Sprains

by MASS4D® Insoles

Ankle Sprains

An ankle sprain is a common injury of the lower body. A sprained ankle can appear swollen, inflamed or bruised, depending on the severity of the injury.

Ankle sprains can limit the ability of an individual to participate in physical activities. Acute and recurring ankle sprains can affect balance and control, which ultimately impact the walking stride of a person.

Effect of Ankle Sprains

The long-term impact of ankle sprains can create instability in the foot and ankle. This may lead to degeneration of the ankle cartilage which can increase the risk of post-traumatic ankle osteoarthritis.

In addition, there is an increased risk of recurring ankle sprains in patients with acute ankle sprains. Impaired joint position, reduced muscle strength and posture control, and changes in walking stride can increase the likelihood of recurring ankle sprains.

According to a 2013 study in the Sports Medicine Journal, the following are observed in patients with recurring ankle sprains:

  • increased looseness in the ankle ligaments
  • improper positioning of the ankle bones
  • decreased ankle range of motion

Other studies have shown that there is increased pressure on either side of the foot in individuals with recurring ankle sprains. This excess pressure can alter the way a person walks which adds more stress on the ankle. This is why examining an individual’s walking stride is essential for diagnosis and treatment.

Weak foot posture like flat feet may increase the risk of recurring ankle sprains. When the foot arch flattens, it leads to abnormal foot movements which can put extra pressure on the ankle joint. This may cause/increase the likelihood of recurring ankle sprains and make it difficult for the ankle to heal properly.

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Treatment Options

Non-invasive treatments are generally offered by health care professionals, whereas surgery may be required as a last resort if the symptoms are still present.

Among the non-invasive treatment options available, foot insole therapy, as part of comprehensive rehab care, is often prescribed because it has a high potential for improving treatment outcomes.

MASS4D® insoles can help in the treatment of acute and recurring ankle sprains. By supporting the feet in their optimal posture, the insoles restore normal functioning and movement of the foot and ankle. This removes excessive stress from the ankle, allowing it to heal properly.

MASS4D® insoles help address the main symptoms of chronic ankle instability — reduced range of motion, diminished muscle strength, impaired control and improper walking stride. MASS4D® provides a strong base to limit abnormal foot and ankle movements and prevent acute/recurring ankle sprains.

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