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7 Benefits of Using Insoles

by MASS4D® Insoles

Wearing insoles all through the day can provide numerous benefits for the feet as well as the rest of the body. This is because of structural improvements in the feet that help regulate the movement of your whole body.

When your foot posture improves, there are a number of changes that take place in the body that can benefit you in the long term. This is why insoles are often recommended for people with flat feet as part of comprehensive treatment programmes.

If you’ve recently bought a pair of insoles and are wondering what to expect, here are the seven major benefits that your insoles provide for your feet and body.

Running Injuries
Running with flat feet can make you vulnerable to foot injuries.

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1. Supports Foot Arch 

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of using insoles for treating flat arches. Insoles with well-built arches will help support fallen arches by raising them to an optimal level all throughout movement.

The supportive force that is provided to the foot arch prevents it from flattening which means your feet will no longer flatten on to the ground during walking. As a result, your feet are encouraged to move properly while the strength of your arches is enhanced.

Since your arch plays an important role in absorbing shock forces that are produced upon foot contact with the ground, your feet will be protected from the impact of these forces. This can be especially beneficial if you’re involved in sports that require running or jumping.

You’ll see better results if your rehabilitation plan also includes calf stretching and arch strengthening exercises.

Such exercises are also designed to build strength in arch muscles to prevent the foot arch from collapsing during movement.

2. Less Risk Of Foot Conditions 

Your insoles can help in reducing your chances of developing common painful foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis and bunions. Such conditions are often associated with unhealthy foot movement patterns that are found in people with flat feet.

In order to understand this better, consider the case of plantar fasciitis. When your foot arch flattens completely, your plantar fascia ligament is also forced to stretch beyond its normal capacity.

Flatfoot Causes Plantar Fasciitis

This causes it to become inflamed over time which eventually leads to pain in the heel and arch areas. As you start wearing insoles, the inflamed plantar fascia is prevented from overstretching which gives it time to heal and recover.

In this way, your insoles can be used to both protect and treat the feet; wearing insoles will lessen the likelihood of developing painful conditions in the future.

3. Relief From Foot Pain 

It is not uncommon to hear about people with flat arches complain of pain in the feet. This results from the stressful movement of the arch each time it collapses to the ground.

The muscles, ligaments and joints of the foot are forced to adapt to this flattening motion which eventually wears them out. This is when you start feeling pain in your heel, arch or toes.

Your insoles will not only help in supporting proper foot movement, but will also redistribute pressure in the bottom of the feet. This is done in a manner that keeps any excess stress off the painful regions.

Foot Pain

As such, your insoles have a therapeutic effect on your feet especially if you’ve been suffering from foot pain for a while now.

4. Healthy Movements 

Your feet guide the movement of your whole body. So, if there’s a problem in the foundational support, you can expect problems in the rest of the body too.

Flat Feet Affect Body Posture

When you have flat arches, your feet will have a tendency to roll inwards. Your lower body tries to compensate for this irregularity in foot movement. For example, your shin and thigh bones are forced to twist inwards each time your foot arch flattens while walking.

By improving foot movement patterns, your insoles will help in reinforcing proper movement of the lower body as well. So, you can expect to see visual changes in the way you walk within weeks of wearing the insoles.

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This will, in turn, enhance posture alignment which is necessary for minimising any type of unevenness in the left and right sides of the body.

5. Improvement in Performance 

As an athlete, foot posture problems such as flat arches can place you at a higher risk for developing overuse injuries. These injuries are often caused as a result of repetitive stress that is produced from unhealthy foot movement.

For example, if you’re a runner with flat feet, your feet will lack protection from shock forces that are otherwise absorbed by the foot arch. So, each time your foot hits the ground while running, these forces will act directly upon the foot instead.

Ground Forces During Running

Besides injuries, overall posture changes caused by flat arches can affect your running form as well. This is because of the impact of flat feet on the alignment of the bones and muscles.

As part of training programmes, insoles provide a great solution to minimising abnormal lower body movements which can help you conserve energy while lessening the risk of injury.

6. Eases Lower Body Pain 

There is a possibility that the nagging pain in your lower back or knees might be the result of foot posture problems. This is because of the connection between the feet and lower body including the ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

Flat Feet Can Lead To Lower Body Pain

While this connection may not seem apparent initially, flat feet gradually set off a ‘domino effect’ on the rest of your body. The improper movement of the feet causes the body to adapt by undergoing changes in its own movement.

If you leave this problem ignored for too long, it will start showing up as pain in other parts of your body, including your lower back. This is why treatment programmes for low back pain should also involve a detailed analysis of the feet.

This will help in ruling out foot posture problems as a possible cause of pain in the back and designing appropriate rehabilitation plans.

7. Simple and Affordable 

Insoles represent the easiest solution for providing support to flat arches all through the day especially when compared to other costlier options.

While surgery may be needed for extreme cases, your flat arches can be conveniently managed with insoles in the early stages.

Insole for Support

Additionally, insoles help protect your feet from painful conditions that can otherwise affect your ability to walk normally.

By simply placing insoles in your shoes, you’re saved from having to constantly spend on medical fees and services for treating foot conditions or lower body pain. In this way, your insoles work out to be economical in the long term.

The Best Insoles Give Better Results 

The many benefits of insoles make them a good addition to treatment or rehabilitation programmes for conditions of the feet or lower body. But it is necessary to choose the right pair of insoles in order to feel a difference.

Some qualities to consider before purchasing insoles include strong arches, comfortable fit, superior foot control and correct size.

While you may find all types of insoles in the market, it is only insoles that are built with precision and care that will give you better results in the long term.

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