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5 Reasons Why Insoles Are Necessary

by MASS4D® Insoles

The importance of insoles lies in the support provided by these rehabilitative devices to flat feet. However, there is a lot more to insoles than only their supportive properties.

Apart from helping manage flat arches, insoles also add many other benefits to the health of your feet. So, if you’re looking for 5 reasons to purchase insoles, then here’s all the information you need:

1. For Treating Flat Feet:

Flat arches are a common problem among people with foot problems. This is because of the stressful movement of the feet that can leave you vulnerable to painful foot conditions.
Flat Feet Treatment With Insoles
It is possible to manage a flatfoot condition using insoles.

Insoles are one of the most effective ways of promoting healthy foot movement. This is achieved because of the design of the insole itself.

If you look closely, you’ll notice a well-formed curve in the middle of your insole. This feature plays a key role in supporting flat arches at an optimal level during movement.

As your foot rests on the insole, the insole arch encourages the efficient functioning of the foot arch by preventing it from flattening on to the ground.

This is why it is essential to purchase insoles that have strong arches as these will remain effective all through the day. Otherwise, your insoles will easily collapse under your bodyweight, leaving no support for your flat arches.

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2. For Improving Posture:

The therapeutic benefits of your insoles extend beyond your feet to include the rest of your body as well. When you walk with flat arches, your body responds by adapting to the unhealthy foot movements.

This means, your lower body movements adjust to the flattening motion of the feet. Over a period of time, you’ll begin to notice an unevenness in the alignment of your body.

Body Posture With Healthy Foot Posture And Flatfoot Posture

For instance, it is possible that the left and right sides of your body may not appear to be equally positioned. Your neck may appear to be sticking out forward while your shoulders may not seem levelled.

As a result, your overall appearance may look skewed which will only get worse if your feet continue moving in a stressful manner. Insoles can help improve the alignment of your whole body by adding proper foundational support to it.

With your foot movement patterns stabilised, your overall posture will show signs of improvement due to restored balance in the rest of the body.

3. For Reducing Foot Pain:

There is a reason why foot pain is commonly linked to flat arches. If your feet don’t move the way they’re built to move, you’re likely to develop ‘hot spots’ in different areas of the feet such as the heel, arch and toes.

Hot spots are areas of increased inflammation, and these are often the result of foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis or bunions. In diabetic feet, such hot spots can be particularly harmful due to the sensitive nature of the feet.

An advantage of adding insoles to your treatment programme for foot pain is their ability to promote an equal distribution of pressure across the bottom of your foot.

This means, stress is prevented from accumulating in the painful area of the foot even as you walk around all day. Moreover, insoles will also help in the treatment of foot conditions so as to promote recovery while providing you relief from pain.

Your foot is positioned in an optimal manner so as to minimise the development of common foot conditions that can cause pain in the feet.

4. For Preventing Sports Injuries:

Sports injuries such as overuse injuries can easily occur if you’re an athlete with flat feet. This is because of repetitive stress on the feet resulting from the quick, sharp movements involved in most popular sports such as basketball or football.

Basketball Players

With structural problems such as flat arches, the feet are already exposed to shock forces that are produced each time your foot hits the ground. The lack of an arch means that these shock forces act directly upon the foot instead of being absorbed by the foot arch.

This is why examining your foot posture is highly recommended if you’re an athlete. Besides injuries, flat arches also have the potential to ruin your form and affect your performance.

As your foot-ankle structure moves beyond its healthy range of motion, you may have difficulty in maintaining balance and stability during certain movements. You may, as a result, notice an increase in ankle sprains while playing.

It is not uncommon for athletes with flat arches to also complain of pain in different parts of the body especially the knees or back. This is because problems in the alignment of the posture place unnecessary stress on the muscles and joints.

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5. For Healthier Feet:

The condition of your feet depends largely on how well you treat them. If you take care of foot posture issues such as flat arches from an early stage, your feet will be protected from problems that are commonly linked to flat feet.

These problems otherwise have the potential to become progressively worse, affecting your ability to move efficiently. Even problems like frequent ankle sprains can have an impact on the strength of your ankle muscles.

If left untreated, you can be at a greater risk for falls and the serious consequences that follow such falls.

Insoles help to enhance the strength of your foot and ankle muscles by preventing conditions that can otherwise considerably weaken them. This is done by limiting the stressful movement of the foot-ankle structure, particularly the foot arch.

Moreover, with insoles in your shoes, you can also protect your feet from the stresses of everyday life such as standing or walking on hard flooring for long hours.

Be Kind To Your Feet

Your feet carry you all through the day, which means they’re constantly helping you perform all kinds of movements whether it’s as simple as standing or as intense as sprinting.

With your feet playing such a key role in most activities, it is worth taking better care of them in order to protect them so they can continue supporting you throughout your life.

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