A 96% SATISFACTION RATE for problematic feet worldwide - express delivery

  • Handmade in Germany

  • Antibacterial and breathable

  • Easy to clean and wear

  • Interchangeable between shoes

  • One-year warranty



  • Rehabilitates Numerous Foot Conditions

  • Enhances sports performance

  • Supports good posture

  • Protects feet from further injuries

  • Avoid heel and knee pain


MASS4D® is one of the leading companies of insoles on the market today. Our customer satisfaction rate is 96%. Our ready to wear insole will help with foot pain, sports performance and posture problems.


Our Ready To Wear is handmade and based on the experience we have gained from making prescription insoles for the medical profession and the athletic community for years.


Most people are unaware of the effect their feet can have on their overall posture. When you have foot posture problems, your body does not move the way it’s supposed to, and will compensate with a series of movements. Thereby increasing stress on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. This affects the alignment of your posture.

MASS4D is engineered to provide corrective support during wear. This support helps to correct the alignment and regulate improper movements. Proper support brings increased balance and stability to the body. We treat your feet as the foundation for your whole musculo-skeletal system.

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